Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweet Sweet Lotus

The Lotus Flower represents struggles we must all go through to finally emerging stronger and more graceful, looking up towards the limitless skies.
Buddhism & Hinduism
The white water lily opens up, or flowers, at night. It's a beautiful moon flower that lives above the water until the sun rises when it closes up and sinks beneath the surface.

Ancient Egypt
The blue water lily opens up during the day. It sinks beneath the surface of the water during the night then climbs back up to greet the sun.
Another religious association that the ancient Egyptians made was to link the lotus flower to their Creation Myth. Some believed that just like the lotus, Amun had risen out of the dark waters of chaos, Nun, through and like a water lily. He then created the universe and lit the world.

Lotus flowers were used not only in ancient Egyptian paintings on walls and papyri; they were also one of the symbols of Upper Egypt's Kingship.The pillars of temples were shaped like lotus flowers emerging from the soil. 

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